Friday, July 13, 2012


keep your fingers crossed! 
so i know this is long overdue. but i made it! i made the final six. i am the only canadian in the race for arrival magazines dream job! for the next three weeks they will be giving the finalists task to complete, and each week they will be eliminating two contestants.
i am even more riddled with nerves than i was before. now all i can think about is the contest. i know i have another adventure of my own steadily approaching, but i can not even focus on it. my mind is devoted to this contest.
each week after the applicants send in their completed challenge, the selection committee at arrival magazine narrows the list down by two! the first round of eliminations will be happening late this sunday night. and i am terrified!
so whenever they post our next challenge (which will be a video) make sure you head on over to Arrival Mag NZ on facebook and tell them who should win! or follow @arrivalmagazine on twitter and tweet the crap out of them!
so thanks for the support and keep it up!
i'll try and get one more entry posted before i head off to beijing.
talk soon folks :)


  1. Good Luck girl. I'll expect a visit when you come through my way.