Thursday, May 30, 2013


i watched this video and then called my best friend to talk about it for about an hour.
this happened in a coffee shop while i was inhaling a cinnamon bun. 
everyone of my twenty-something friends that i've watched it with have all drawn on different points that she mentions. piecing together what applies to them and if they see truth in it. 
personally i found it terrifying. i felt like i am the twenty-something that is postponing adulthood. 
that i am waiting to grow up. 
also, i haven't done this yet...but i'd be interested in finding out how many times this blue silk shirt wearing southern gal says 'twenty-somethings' during this talk. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

still playing snakes and ladders

it has been a month and im still playing snakes and ladders.
ive gotten the summer schedule for the tour company and its lacking. im still doing random nannying jobs and taking tour groups around the city to make ends meet. but there has been no potential leads on anything solid. no new news on a job that im actually interested in, and would want to keep for the coming year or so.
it's brutal. i didnt think this would be where im at after living here for almost four months.
and to top it all off im also looking for a new place to live. my roommate patrik recently told me that he is moving back to sweden sooner than expected. so im on the hunt again.
this week consists of a couple mornings spent nannying, meeting a girl from latvia who is new to vancouver, a going away party for interns at the tour company and getting my bike tuned up. woah! slow down you 25 year old. the lack of excitement in my life is appalling.
i think about where i was a year ago. one year ago from now i was nannying in calgary and spending all of my free time at the library reading travel books about the countries i planned to visit in the coming months, and heading to my favourite outdoor travel gear store; price comparing light weight tents and trying on countless pairs of hiking boots. i was looking forward to something huge. and one year later im back in canada and struggling to pay rent.
its hard not to think about packing up everything and buying a one way ticket somewhere warm. where i can live in a little hut on the beach for a year. paying a dollar for my weeks supply of groceries. having a bathing suit be the only thing i ever wear under my clothes. maybe next year.

taken on my training day on vancouver island