Tuesday, January 17, 2012

book of the week

so this weeks, actually this months book has been 'the long way round' by ewan mcgregor and charley boorman. charley and ewan write the book so that you follow them from planning process, to the road, on  trip of their dreams.
before i started reading it i knew it had been made into a documentary series. and last night i found it on youtube and i haven't been able to stop watching. i want to do something like that! i want a room of my own, walls lined with maps of countries i've dreamed of exploring. so i guess i just need a producer and a network to back me. that's my only hurdle in this otherwise flawless plan...right?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

polar bear dip CHECK!

on january first this year i checked off another item from my bucket list.
the polar dip!
i completed this one with my best friend margaret!
check out the video above and read the attached article below!

kings county advertiser article

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

clean up make up

ever since i was little, whenever it was time to clean my room (which usually came on a sunday, although it  needed to happen everyday) i would start out strong and quickly get distracted. i would sort piles. dirty clothes, rugby gear, archie comics and makeup. it was when the makeup pile started to grow in size that i experienced problems. it would start innocent enough, with a little root beer flavoured lip gloss. but then as soon as i found some eye liner or moms reject mango coloured lip stick it went steadily down hill. before i knew it i was sitting in the middle of piles of sorted junk covered in a horrible combo of colours.
i became reminded of this when tonight i accidentally drank three cups of coffee and then decided to tidy my bathroom. so now i am sitting alone in my bedroom, jacked up on caffeine thanks to an instant coffee scooping miscalculation, covered in so much eyeliner that i could give a racoon a run for its money. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

travel journals

i have started to copy all the entries from the journals i wrote while traveling onto my computer. in hopes that one day, when it is all copied i can get it printed. i really want to do this as a safety measure. my journals from that trip are one of my most prized possessions. they mean more to me than the pictures i took.
it's going to be a long process, so i usually just try to do an entry or two every night.
tonight i wrote out the entries that took me from ennis, ireland to the aran islands.
this was my favourite entry i came across tonight.

june 22 2010
inis mor, aran islands
i’ll give you a bigger update later, but for now, as i write these words i am sitting a top a stone wall at the highest point on inis mor. it’s a cold overcast evening, but it can’t help but still be beautiful. i love this island and it’s 800 inhabitants.