About That Girl

my name is emily anne.
i am 23 24. 
i am a recreation management graduate. 
i like to write. 
i don’t want to waste my life, i don’t want regrets. 
i am an only child. 
in june 2010 i left on a ten month round the world trip. 
i started this blog to keep family up to date on my travels.
when i got back from traveling i got depressed.
i didn’t have a job, or a plan, or anything. 
so i decided to write about it, kick start the blog again.
so i did. 
then i got a job in calgary.
i was a nanny for four kids.
my contract ended in july 2012.
so i bought a one way ticket to beijing.
i spent a three months traveling in asia.
then i flew back to home.
to load up on cuddles and carbs for a while.
then i decided to move to vancouver with a friend i met in china.
so now i am in vancouver for the time being.
planning and prepping for my next adventure. 
i have six best friends. 
i like to read. 
one of my favorites, cycling home from siberia - rob lilwallI
i have acne, big thighs, hazel eyes and a loud laugh. 
i love sending mail. 
i love receiving mail. 
and i bake food. 
mostly sweets.