Saturday, January 19, 2013

a change will do you good

i was more than ready to come home when i was in thailand.
falling asleep at two in the afternoon on a beach off the west coast of thailand, listening to the waves crash at my feet. an ederly thai woman shouting "coke-nuts ICEY creaaaam".
i dreamt of walking my dog through the trails around my house while the autumn leaves fell. the season changed in fast forward in my head, the snow began to fall and i was bundled up in a cozy winter parka with a toque on my head.

play time with mom
it has been three months.
i am full of snuggly lovins, homemade favourites, and daytime television.
my days repeat. wake at noon. optional shower, breakfast, walk dog, watch romcom, dad gets home, read with dad in the living room till mom gets home, dinner, coronation street, more reading, mom and dad to bed, and i end up awake until two or three. hitting a really strong arts and crafts frame of mind around one. modge podge and crayola products strewn a top my desk.
my puppy, anna

but i think i've had my fill. in fact i probably had my fill after the first week. but i had to give it another three months to be really sure.
and as i mentioned before i felt more comfortable coming home this time because i had a plan. well a fetus of a plan. maybe just an egg.
i knew i would come home and get comfy. full of cuddles and carbs. then i would buy another one way ticket. i did.
hello vancouver.
"well that's great emily anne! what are you doing in vancouver?!"
"i don't know"
nothing has changed i still have no clue. i have no job. no place to live. no plan.
luckily i have a good friend who lives in the city who is letting me crash with her for the first week. and if everything goes according to the fancifull dreamlike scenario in my head, i will find an apartment and a job with ease. doubtful.
vancouver is just going to be a temporary base. maybe just the spring and summer. and then i'll be off again. no immediate plans for adulthood just yet.
wish me luck :)