Sunday, June 24, 2012

the thunder and the rain

when i was little i loved thunderstorms.
i remember camping through a thunderstorm on a family vacation to pei one summer. dad cooked outside in the downpour and brought the burgers inside the tent for me and mom.
i remember my mom and dad counting mississippi's in between the thunder and lightening to see how many km's away it was.
i remember going to bed when it was pouring rain outside. i would open my window wide, pull up the blind and fall asleep to the damp air and to the sound of rain drops pounding against the metal ease troughs.
i remember when the power would go out and dad would go for the flashlights and mom would get started on the candles.
when ever it is raining so hard that people stop to watch the water hit the pavement, when i see kids clutch their parents hands after a loud roar of thunder. i smile. i think of home and feeling so safe.

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