Sunday, June 17, 2012

sunday night dinner

i don't lick the beaters when they have cake frosting on
them. but i sure as shit will lick this spicy blue-cheesey
heaven off of them!
ever since my move to calgary i have been spending each sunday night with my pseudo family, the nills. i've known them since i was wee. pseudo dad coached football with real dad and pseudo mom and real mom became the bestest of buddies. the rest is history. each sunday we usually have a dinner that is based around a hefty portion of red meat. red. alberta meat. farmed here in alberta on my pseudo dad's brothers cattle ranch, just a couple hours north east of calgary.
when i arrived tonight i saw a bowl full of ground beef sitting on the counter. ready to be squished and squirmed through aggressive fingers and formed into thick juicy patties.
pseudo mom plunked this recipe clipping in front of me.
"tonight we're making this!"

1/4 C franks redhot original sauce
1/4 C mayonnaise
4 oz cream cheese softened (1/2 pkg)
3/4 C blue cheese crumbles *

mix all that crap together then put the bowl into the fridge to cool until you are ready to serve.
when you are ready to eat, take it out of the fridge and then use it to coat the shit out of your burger.
tonight i didn't even put anything else on my burger. just this.

*i fucking love blue cheese. it is by far my favourite of the cheeses.
blue cheese, cheese curds (squeaky cheese), brie (specifically baked brie with jam on top), goat, and real fresh mozzarella when it is in those little squishy ball things.

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