Wednesday, January 11, 2012

clean up make up

ever since i was little, whenever it was time to clean my room (which usually came on a sunday, although it  needed to happen everyday) i would start out strong and quickly get distracted. i would sort piles. dirty clothes, rugby gear, archie comics and makeup. it was when the makeup pile started to grow in size that i experienced problems. it would start innocent enough, with a little root beer flavoured lip gloss. but then as soon as i found some eye liner or moms reject mango coloured lip stick it went steadily down hill. before i knew it i was sitting in the middle of piles of sorted junk covered in a horrible combo of colours.
i became reminded of this when tonight i accidentally drank three cups of coffee and then decided to tidy my bathroom. so now i am sitting alone in my bedroom, jacked up on caffeine thanks to an instant coffee scooping miscalculation, covered in so much eyeliner that i could give a racoon a run for its money. 

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