Thursday, October 13, 2011

my day off

i woke up late. i was up until 2 a.m. entirely consumed in a newly discovered travel blog, it got me remembering forgotten moments of my trip. the thrill of sitting on a bus and being the only native english speaker. the 'where are you from and where are you going' introductions. it got me thinking of when i am going to travel next and where i will go. i got massive butterflies in my stomach, the same as christmas eve. i closed my laptop and switched off my lamp. i lay in my bed, eyes wide open staring at the black ceiling above me. i couldn't fall asleep. i just kept thinking of my next adventure. when i did wake up this morning, i twirled my unwashed locks in a spiral to form my classic top knot and headed upstairs to share the news with jordan (nanny #2). after unloading my excitement on her i headed out the door for a bike ride to a kensington cafe. while crossing a bridge i spotted a group of questionable looking young men. boys. thugs. i was surrounded by other people walking across the pedestrian bridge too, but i still had jitters while walking past them. i tried to conceal my uncomfort. head held high. while walking past them one shouts "hey girl, nice ass". i pretended not to hear, hopped back on my bike and peddled away with a stern face. inside i was elated. it was the nicest complement i've gotten in weeks. and to top it all off today is laundry day, i was going commando under my lulus. so there was a solid amount of orange skin jiggling around back there.
to the highly inappropriate native american man with a long black braid and beige camouflage winter jacket, it is rude to shout, and thank you. 

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