Thursday, October 20, 2011

about a boy

yesterday one of the little girls asked me if i had a boyfriend. 
“do you think you’ll get one while you’re in calgary.” like a boyfriend is something you put on your saturday errand list and pickup while you're out getting baby spinach and wholegrain bread at the farmer’s market. 
“um, maybe” 
“who was your last boyfriend?”
“i’ve never had a boyfriend”
“why not?”
“i’ve just never met anyone that i liked more than a friend”
she replied “oh” while simultaneously mushing a slice of banana around in her mouth with her tongue like a toothless grandpa. 
she was completely unrattled by the fact that i am 23 and have never had boyfriend. 
it was refreshing to share this fact with someone else. who like me, did not care. 

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