Sunday, August 21, 2011

my turn

jacob and john @ halls harbour
since i returned from my trip, i have been having requests from other traveler's to surf my couch. up until this weekend, i have either not been at home, they found another host, or their R.V. couldn't be parked on the slight incline that our driveway provides. this weekend however, things changed. ma & pa were away for the weekend. this was beneficial in numerous ways, the biggest being that my stress levels were non-existant because my mother wasn't around to be freaking out about the dog hair on the rug, or that dirty dishes have reached a comical height or that the sheets in the spare room are wrinkled and need to be changed. i keep trying to tell her that the people requesting to come stay here, understand its not the plaza, and that they are just thrilled to have a place to lay their head at night.
on friday night i hosted my first two COUCHSURFERS!, from montreal! i was so excited!!! i picked them up from the a gas station on the highway and brought them home. they were both very tired from traveling, so we had a relaxed night of board games and went to bed early. anna and guillaume are hitchhiking around the maritimes for the month of august, and stayed with me the one night, before i plonked them back at the side of the highway, how i found them.
on saturday night giggles insued. jacob and john were my second wave of surfers, hitting the night right after anna and guillaume left me. jacob and john met at duke university. jacob is a north carolina native, and john is from new zealand. our accent hybrids were delightful. we went to halls harbour where we watched a glorious sunset, which was followed by jacob belting out a disney classic, aladdin's 'magic carpet ride' well balancing atop a boulder. i then treated them to an east coast classic, garlic fingers and donair sauce. we wrapped up our 12 hour friendship by playing dress up, shotgunning beer, guess that shot, and cuddling on top of a picnic table while trying to see shooting stars during a meteor shower. i can't wait to have more CS'ers stay with me!!! definitely a worth while experience. especially now that i get to experience it from the role of host instead of guest. 

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