Thursday, July 1, 2010

ireland, goodbye for now

right now i am staying in dublin with a friend of mine from grade school. her name is emily and she is living in an apartment with her boyfriend jacob (who i also went to school with), veronica (from northern italy), and stefan (from france). needless to say its quiet a cultural experience in this little apartment. i arrived in dublin on the 28th, it was hard for me to leave the aran islands though. inis mor has by far been my favorite stop in ireland so far.
the journey from inis mor to dublin was packed full of gravol. it was a 45min ferry ride from the island to rossaveal, then a 45min bus ride from rossaveal to galway, and then a three hour bus ride from galway to dublin city. i was so tired that night. but never the less i still toured around all of dublin the next morning. on tuesday i was talking to my friend shellnutt (laura), who i went to acadia with, and she also traveled to mexico with me on my graduation trip. shellnutt is currently being an nanny in italy, and we have been talking about meeting up for a while. well, i made a split second decision and i guess the short story flying to italy on saturday morning!
im a little nervous, because i dont feel like my time in ireland is over yet. but i guess i do have nine months, and who knows what could happen! i arrive in milan on saturday afternoon, and then i am taking a train or bus to turin, to meet up with shellnutt.
until next time! xoxo


  1. Hi Emie, Just testing to see if this goes.

  2. Emmie, We love your picture and the update! We had neighbors by Shellnut yrs back. Is your friend from N.S.? Keep your $$ and impt belongs close to your person in Italy-per some military guys advice! Have fun, stay safe, and laugh lots! Hugs & kisses!! Aunt Cathy & Uncle Fred

  3. Sorry for taking so long to respond, but yeah the Laura grew up in dartmouth. Her parents are Janet and philip.