Friday, June 25, 2010

Inis Mor

The aran islands are a must see for any visit to Ireland! I have had the most amazing three days here. It is the only place left where Irish is the residents first language, and where it is also spoken in the schools. It is ideal for biking here, so Kara ( a fellow couchsurfer) and I rented bikes for our stay. On our second day here our host (Glen) biked and hiked with us to the black fort. The day we went there it was overcast and spitting out but it was breath taking all the same. The next night was saint johns day and the whole island was talking about it, they celebrate by each village having a huge bonfire. The local children burn their school books and the dads are in charge of putting the bigger items like mattresses and staircases on it, and all of the moms bake sweets and cook Christmas sausages. They were so hospitable, and the fun goes late into the night, definitely my favorite night on the island so far.
Local phrase: what's the craic?
Translation: what's going on?/what's up

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Location:Aran Islands, Ireland


  1. Hi Emilyanne: Really enjoyed your description of Ireland so far. It would make you want to go there just to see what you've described. It sounds like it's the beginning of a wonderful journey. I'll check with my Irish family members to see if they have any suggestions for you. Take care and keep blogging.
    P.S. Hope you checked out those innoculations....only kidding!!! Donna (Rowe)