Thursday, April 4, 2013


so i had a great weekend getting trained for my new part-time job as a tour guide. it really got me excited for the months to come. i was one of four trainees. we spent the weekend sightseeing and partying our way threw the rocky mountains. spending a night in valemount, banff and golden, before heading back to vancouver to recover. my highlights included going swimming in lake louise, partying in banff at my old stompin' grounds, and seeing the columbia ice fields! 
my thrill was short lived though. because when i got back from the trip i found out that not only was i not getting paid for any of my six full days of training, i also was only scheduled for one day of work for the next two months. so 'pissed off' doesnt even begin to cover my frustration.on one hand im extremely excited about the job, but furious at their lack of decency at the same time. and it's not like i can bring up the fact that it is super illegal not to pay employees for nessesary training, because then i would loose my job. so that is happening. which means that im back at square one again! 
i feel like im playing snakes and ladders and i keep landing on snakes. whether it is family issues, personal relationships, employment blunders or financial uncertainty. i keep sliding backwards just when i feel like ive made progress. but so is life.
ive caught myself doing countless 'count to ten' exhales. it helps. 
tomorrow my roommate patrik leaves for hawaii for a week. i am glad to have the house to myself so i can be relaxed and in my own frame of mind while trying to organize my life here. 


first stop day one

early morning at the new job!

all the single ladies. elk.

columbia icefields

shots and guns

emerald lake, AB

bonfire night goodbyes

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