Wednesday, December 5, 2012

low expectations

i've been home for a little over a month now. and i've already made my next move.
i bought a one way ticket to vancouver!
i leave at the end of january. no job, no place to live.

i need to save up some more money before i can head off on another adventure. so instead of staying home and working here i decided to make the process of saving money into an adventure too.
and an adventure it will be! i will arrive in vancouver with no plans other than crashing at a friends place for a week while i look for a job and a place to live.

i'm going in with low expectations. that way i can't be disapointed. well i mean if i end up getting strep throat, stung by a bee, develop an infectious rash on the back of my ankles so i can't wear shoes and i'm forced to wear flip flops all the time, then yes, i will get disapointed. but in general i think this is a good way to go into any new situation. trying a new restaurant, traveling to a new country, buying a pair of shoes that are a little to tight, but that you hope will stretch out in the first lil bit. low expectations.

through my travels i have learned one thing for certain, it is the journey not the destination. sure if your journey happens to take you through the outback of australia that sounds drastically more exciting than spending the same amount of time in your hometown while working at a restaurant and spending your nights watching coronation street with your parents. however it is up to you to make yourself open to experiences, and create opportunities for them to happen. so with that in mind i am entering this next chunk of my life with low expectations, an empty bank account and an open mind.

stewart sandwich 
me and dad

setting up nana and papa's christmas tree

i wear fake glasses and braid my hair like a five year old blonde dutch girl

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