Monday, May 14, 2012

PICK ME...please

arrival magazine is having a contest.
win your DREAM JOB.
and holy frackity frack i want it!
they launched a worldwide search for someone who can front its new sales pitch promoting NZ to the world!
the winner(hopefully me) will be provided with a sweet smart phone to capture updates and videos from the trip...and a campervan!!!
arrival mag NZ decided that the best way for people to learn about nz was to see experiences through a fellow traveller. and they couldn't be more spot on!
this dream job is a two month, all-expense paid position who will get to experience nz's food, wine, adventure and nature!
"...looking for someone with guts and a sense of adventure who is willing to show off their experiences to the world"
STOP LOOKING! that person is me :)
i feel terribly ashamed that the quote attached to my application photo is riddled with inappropriately placed upper and lowercase letters. as anyone can tell, i rarely use uppercase letters, or assign the correct punctuation - if any. along with that, the only other thing that is making me doubt myself is the fact that my photo submission is extremely subpar compared to all the other contestants who have pictures of them swimming with sharks, mid skydive, or walking the great wall naked.
but i still believe.
i applied and now i will wait. i will wait while probably developing an ulcer i am so excited/nervous/anxious.
this job is ME!
it combines my love of adventure, spontaneity, travel, writing, and my DEGREE!!!! (recreation management!!!!)
it would be a outlet of monstrous proportions for my awesomeness to exude.
wow that sounds cocky. but hey...its true.
those are all things i love and i am good at.
so why not me.
whenever i think of something i want, i try not to tell people about it.
i dont want to jinx it. i dont want others to know that im let down when i dont win/get the job/get the boy.
but i cant do that here. i have to shout it from everywhere.
I WANT THIS JOB. put your faith and support in me.
the only contest i can ever remember winning is a fathers day ballot draw for a left handed golf club.
i spent an entire trip to the grocery store with mom filling out those ballots.
i won it.
and on fathers day that year, while dad was cooking up some steaks for dinner, i was having a go with his new club on the front a series of unfortunate events, i whacked the ball, it flew directly towards dad and the bbq and smoked his hand. he refused to go to the doctor until after we had eaten dinner. seeing as it was fathers day we didn't argue.
we sat through that entire meal while dads hands swelled up all around his knuckles with the indentation of golf ball dimples getting more profound.
and that was it.
that is my only memory of winning a contest. it is also my only time golfing.
now i stick to miniputts. 

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