Monday, May 28, 2012

karakoram hwy

the karakoram highway.
have you ever heard of it? don't worry, i hadn't either.
not before i started becoming obsessed with reading travel blogs and watching travel documentaries.
not before i spent my weekends in the public library reading lonely planet guides and sitting in open jaw awe tracing my fingers over red lined major highways on maps.
i was reading a friends self-published book of his experience doing the mongol-rally and he spoke about how traveling through the 'stan' countries was the highlight of his trip. he had never thought of traveling through there, and didn't really know what to expect. but after having his breath taken away by the scenic views, he now tells everyone to go there for sure!

the KKH is the highest paved international road in the world.
it connects china and pakistan through the khunjerab pass.
the route of the KKH traces one of the many routes of the ancient silk highway.
when i started to think about traveling to western china. and i actually got out a map, i saw how many countries it boarders. and i thought 'well maybe if i just head west...'. and i am still thinking that. i will get to beijing, and maybe just head west.

it just seems so legendary that i really want to go. not sure if this is a place i want to go to by myself, or if this is somewhere where i would want to travel with a friend, particularly a male friend. they say women can travel anywhere men can, which is true. but it usually comes with a lot of restrictions and necessary adjustments to your way of travel. issues which rarely impact men to the same extent. whatever does come up, whether it is this year or in fifty years, i plan on traveling the karakoram highway. someday.

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