Thursday, March 1, 2012

it's not now

today i've been running around doing errands. one such errand on my list consisted of paying $89 to a dentist so he could tell me that i need to pay $1500 for a crown replacement.
when i hear $1500, i see 'ticket to mongolia' or 'dental work'.
this got me thinking about money. how much i have, how much i need to travel, how much i will make before my contract is up. this thought process ultimately lead me to make a pro/con list.
i started with the pro's and con's of waiting to go on another adventure a little bit later, like maybe another year or so.
PRO's of going later:
-more time to earn more money
-more time to learn russian (i've been taking russian lessons since november!)
-more time to learn to use new gear
-more time to organize country visa's (china, russia, the stan's etc.)
-more time to get fit before i leave (HA)
-more time to research the countries i want to travel to (visa prices, restrictions, hitching laws)
-more time to read blog's, articles, or books that people have written about the places i want to go

CON's of going later:
-it's not now

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