Thursday, November 17, 2011

so last week my ‘book a week challenge’ didn’t go as planned. cause i’m still reading the same book as two sundays ago. like my last book, this one is about a biking expedition around the globe. i feel like i’m gaining valuable knowledge, stuff that will somehow help me in whatever adventure i happen to set out on next. 
the author details the tumultuous separation from his expedition partner, the struggle of gaining sponsorship for the trip, the stress of being apart from his fiance, and the unrelenting hospitality of the locals he encountered along the way. this is the second travel book in a row that i’ve read. both about male cyclists. i don’t know if avid cycling is in my future. but i sure am lured to the explorer-type wonder that consumes the pages of these books.
emily anne stewart, explorer. it sounds nice. 
emily anne stewart, supertramp. there definitely is a ring. 

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