Sunday, October 30, 2011


i set a goal for myself.
i want to try and read a book a week until i go home for christmas. 
this goal was set because i have recently been feeding my book buying habit a little too frequently. i can’t go into a chapters or indigo store, or value village or used bookstore without walking out with at least two books. 
so i am pleased to say that week one of the challenge went well. i completed chuck thompson’s smile when you’re lying: confessions of a rogue travel writer. that book really reminded my of my trip and how much i want to keep going on adventures. usually i switch it up between genres. hopping from fight club to freakonomics to war and peace. but i liked how after i read a chapter of this book before going to bed, i was falling asleep while replaying my weeks camping in the australian outback and the excitement of getting on a train and not knowing where i would hop off that night. i wanted to keep on this roll of nostalgic memories, so i grabbed another one from the travel section of my steadily growing mound of books. so this week i am reading cycling home from siberia. it is a book about this guy who spends three years cycling home to the united kingdom, from siberia. bear grylls called the story “an epic journey”, and if bear liked it, i’m sure i will too. i kind of have a huge crush on him. 
wish me luck on week two. i’m hoping to gain some inspiration for my next adventure from this one. 

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