Sunday, July 31, 2011

chasing blue and the glitter pool

this weekend my best friend came home. it was my first time meeting her band, chasing blue. when margaret told me that the band was coming up for a visit i was naturally a little nervous about meeting them. even though my facebook lurk skills are superb, that only gave me the confidence to recognize them in a crowd, which wasn't too hard because they were the ones on stage. i wanted us to get along, i wanted them to like me, and me to like them. i was terrified. their trip was too short, but in their short stint here in the valley, i believe we made a solid start to things. i hope that flip-cup and a glitter pool evening has left a lasting impression on them.
margaret has been with the band for about two years or more now, and it is her life, bluegrass is her life.
on the first night i saw them play i couldn't stop smiling. i couldn't take my eyes off the band. i was so proud of margaret. she has a passion, and she went for it. that passion is something i am still searching for. while i was sitting in an old barn packed with people, red dusty lit lanterns hanging from the rafters, i thought of margaret having to leave school and go straight to banjo practice, about telling new friends that i know a banjo major and saying it with pride, of seeing a sticker that mentioned banjo music and standing in a huge ass line to get it for her. during this rush of nostalgic memories i got this tingle in my nose, almost the same as when you open a bottle of dill pickles and you get that waft racing up your nostrils that makes your nose holes go boi-zingh! then my eyes started to get watery. i knew i had felt this feeling before. it took me a minute, but i eventually placed it. it was pride. i was so proud of her i cried. when did i turn into such a mom. margaret mackay, is all grown up and i couldn't be more proud of the choices she has made, and where she is today. i love you and chasing blue.

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