Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Stop

I'm safe in Ireland, I arrived to Ennis on the 18th and I am leaving for Galway tomorrow. The hostel I'm staying at in Ennis is so nice! It is called the Rowan Tree Hostel. When I first arrived there were tons of families staying here for a hurling tournament. Hurling is a traditional Irish sport, and I would say it's like a combo of feild hockey and lacrosse. Yesterday I met a girl from Japan and a girl from Australia. I found out very quick that you have to be really outgoing if you are traveling by yourself. And when I was talking with the girl from Australia (Amy) she mentioned that she only knew two stereotypes of Canadians, and so far everyone that she has met from Canada has proven them right. The first one was that we are the friendlyist people on the planet and the second was that we always know what way is north, east, west, and south. Hopefully I will get to post again soon, all depends on the Internet access here.
Cheers from Ireland!

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Location:Ennis, Ireland

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